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Joystick Adaptor

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Access to the Joystick through the game port from MATLAB.



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The Joystick Adaptor, joy.dll, allows acces to a joystick through the game port in Windows NT4.0. Game.m is included to test the adaptor. Source code to build the adaptor is also included. An article in the Digest June 2001 explains the code.

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Mr Smart

I have problem >>
Error using ==> analoginput.analoginput at 142
Invalid enum value.

Error in ==> game at 12
<< I don`t know how?


Cyrus (view profile)

This worked with NO ISSUES using a Saitek x52 control stick! AWESOME! But for this to work, you MUST have the DAQ toolbox!

F. Andre Bertomeu

works for me. I'm going to be using matlab+joystick for our ROV project

matthieu X

It doesn't work with my joypad and the DAQ toolbox is not free!!

xu tony

Uros Mali

Great tool. We updated source to four (4) axis for connecting RC sender. We have little trouble when compiling the source code in Win2000 MSVC6.

Tom Mansfield

This is super handy. It only has two joystick channels though.


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MATLAB 6.0 (R12)

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