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Conversion of Spherical Coordinates to UTM Coordinates

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GUI allows you convert spherical coordinates to UTM coordinates

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This function displays a window (a little GUI) that you can use to do the conversion of the longitude and latitude coordinates to UTM coordinates. You can choose different ellipsoids to execute the conversion.

[ x,y,utmzone ] = UTM(instruccion)

Latitude, Longitude coordinates.

X, Y , Utm zone.

It's only necessary to run the function.

Author: Gabriel Ruiz Martinez, Civil Engineer.
v1.1 Abril/05

Comments and Ratings (4)

Dear sir i need to study for my academic the Alberto Cotticia and Luciano Saruce's
equations, these equations appeared in "Bolletino di
% Geodesia e Science Affini", num. 1, which were used in your routine . Please send soft copy of it to me soon. Thanks

erwin junaidi

its so good

Li Erikson

Nice job! Very helpful. Thanks!

Guillermo García

Muy bueno recabrón, te escribo en shpanish por que soy duro del ingles.
Vas para lo grande,recuerda que a mi me gusta viajar, no importa que tan lejos sea, nadamas que me ahorre lo del hospedaje.



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