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A Vandermonde matrix inversion

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The M-file inverses a kind of Vandermonde matrix by using Stirling polynomial coefficients.



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This function inverse a Vandermonde Matrix B.
Matrix B is a n-by-n matrix, its (i,j) entry is i^(j-1),
where i,j = 1,2,...,n
for example, n = 4
B =
1 1 1 1
1 2 4 8
1 3 9 27
1 4 16 64
This routine uses a Stirling polynomial(the first kind) coefficients
For fast operation, a C Stirling coefficient function has
been posted with name: mStirling.c. The C-version of this
inverse function is also available upon request.

Comments and Ratings (2)

H Chen

Seems to work well for low dimension case. But gets worse quickly as n grows.

You can use the code to invert an Vandermonde matrix with n=20, and multiply it back and compare the result with the identity matrix. The error is huge.

Nit Picker

First sentence should read: "This function inverts..." instead of "This function inverse..."

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MATLAB 6.5 (R13)

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