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Summarize mfiles on the search path; shows syntax, and calls to and from other mfiles.



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This program creates a summary file ('mfilesummary.doc') in the directory of the specified starting path. This file summarizes all mfiles in the search path (searching recursively or non-recursively) by showing the syntax (i.e., the text of the first, or function-declaring, line), by showing which other mfiles on the search path call the given mfile (or, at least, which other mfiles contain the name of the given function), and by showing which other mfiles on the search path that the given mfile calls (or, at least, which other mfiles that the given mfile contains the name of). No arguments are required; gui pop-ups will prompt the user for all necessary information. However, the arguments may be specified instead.

Comments and Ratings (2)

Harvey Greenberg

Helped me to re-organize a fairly complex set of m-files.

Boyko Stoimenov

Files which are mentioned only in the help lines are included in the function calls evaluation. For example all the m-files mentioned as 'SEE ALSO' will appear in the summary file as being called by the function being summarized. I think this should be considered a bug, hopefully not too hard to fix.


Fixes a search-path problem and removes a duplicated subfunction.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 6.1 (R12.1)

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