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Convert Image Files to an .avi Format File

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Convert image files to an .avi format file.



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convert image files to an .avi format file

grey image:
function produceavifrompic(pfrom,pto,pext,navi)

color image:
function produceavifromcpic(pfrom,pto,pext,navi)

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very useful...thank u :)


Kyle (view profile)

Totally not intuitive

k s

Aila Reezal

My lifeline

john P


nieel wheel


yoga meena

amol Kulthe

Its Really helpful

evgeni evshenko


John Cramer

This is a total application specific routine and not generic at all. Matlab has buuilt-in functions to perform more generic tasks. The lack of documentation adds more fuel to the fire. Finally, where does it fit? Generally a series of images in the form of successive frames are converted to an avi file from Matlab. I don't see any application or integrity in this case!

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