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Create Video file from image or device

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Create a video file, by continuously reading an image from url or a video device or screen



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OBSERVE Create a video file, by continuously reading an image from a local image file, an image file on the internet, a video device connected to your computer or your computer screen.

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Phil (view profile)

Is there a way to show the cursor movement in the window while doing screen captures?

yukti sharma

:( hey did this not work ..or may be i din know how to execute it other than entering OBSERVE in the command window...wen i did..i found an error said
Video capture mode set to 8 fps. Capturing with 20 seconds interval
??? Error using ==> imaqdevice.start at 91
Multiple VIDEOINPUT objects cannot access the same
device simultaneously.

Error in ==> observe at 141

please help as i want to make my robot move on the processed images brought to it by the cam deviced in it at an interval "t"

lalit jethani

please send me the image processing algorithm for this code???


would you please send me the text of this research.


bad Link

Ian Jorgensen

dhana cervantes

it is god and excellent service

emre unal

Gerardo Ramos

How can i use the matlab with a webcam?
I need some instruction for do it.

Mohan KV

Very quick way to get input from a cam working. Wonderful !

balaji balaji

i have doubt in webcam viewing..

gober good

how connection webcam to matlab?
is there I/O for interface?

magrini antonio

Yo le_lio

bad title?

title: "Create AVI file from Webcam (image)"

summary: "Create a video file, by continuously reading an image from url"

Mangal Pandey

Meri Ichaa puri hogi zaroor - Mangal Pandey

Sharukh Khan

The article I has been searching for years, great!!!



fixed problems with video capturing non rgb video sources and capturing mode fps

added logfile support, changed description

bugfix (MPEG1 video creation)

changed: title, keywords, summary, description, products required, attach file, screenshot.

added video device capture capability

added MPEG1 video output
title and keywords changed

changed default video codec (line 36)
frame size check (line 60-75)
frame format conversion (line 206-229)

changed default video codec.
improved compability with video codecs because of video frame format and size.

bugfix reading gif images
screenshot added

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