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Simple Examples How Create gui-applications

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Simple Examples How Create gui-applications


Nikolai (view profile)


08 Aug 2005 (Updated )

Another examples how create gui-interface (with nested functions without Guide).

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Simple examples how one can create gui-applications without Guide or with more simple using Guide
We use nested functions. So this will work only for MATLAB 7.0+
14 m-files

See the corresponding video tutorial (in Russian)


Gui Examples Using Nested Functions inspired this file.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7 (R14)
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Comments and Ratings (35)
10 Jul 2015 Chen Qi

Chen Qi (view profile)

Hello, in your 6th example where you have month in list box and popup menu, there is no need to get list at line 16 and 24 from listbox because in the main function, list cell array is already defined so it is scoped the whole main function which obviously includes all its nested functions.

18 Mar 2013 godwin tgn

22 Jun 2012 dipti chaudhary

very useful and important thanks

23 May 2012 Harshit Jain


19 May 2011 vipin vc

love you dear

15 Apr 2011 tigerkai

It's very kind of you.Thanks!

16 Mar 2011 Eric Michel

excellent job!!
but in gui09, gui10 and gui13
I did not understand the intention of this GUIs :S

15 Mar 2011 Hemprasad Patil

Very Very Nice.....thanks!!!!!!!!

18 Dec 2010 bryan cahiles


Comment only
09 Nov 2010 Bryan

Bryan (view profile)

Simple to follow and save me time learning how to design GUI in MATLAB. Many thanks :)

08 Aug 2010 Selcuk Fidan


12 Jul 2010 Rodrigo

Very usefull

05 Mar 2010 Nikolai

Nikolai (view profile)

The corresponding video tutorial (in Russian):

Comment only
12 Aug 2009 Heather

Very useful-- thanks! I've gotten books, read tutorials, and nothing has been as helpful, or as quick as this!

28 Mar 2009 Fariha Khan

12 Feb 2009 ry as

ry as (view profile)

excellent. simple and to the point. thanks for helping me get started.

13 Oct 2008 Lalesh Kumar


21 May 2008 KS Choudhari

Thanks a lot. a beautiful program...

09 Dec 2007 ryan baldonado


17 Aug 2007 Kuam MaGgoTs

Its really good..

09 Jul 2007 Faisal Shahzad

Its really good... best wishes for authors-.----

25 Jun 2007 Ryan Van Fleet

Code helped me understand how callbacks an function work with in a Gui. i.e. Edit box slider interaction.

05 Mar 2007 Nikolai Zolotykh

To Danila Churaev:
Thanks for your review.
Some day I'll add comments to my code.

To eng_hisham gharb:
reviews with comments are more useful ;)

Comment only
26 Feb 2007 eng_hisham gharb

11 Feb 2007 Danila Churaev

programs with comments are more useful to study

12 Jan 2007 Jose Maria Peral

Thank you! You have saved my life!

03 Jan 2007 Vishnuvenkatesh Dhage

beginner guide to desing GUI application

19 Jul 2006 Wind Andrew

suitable for beginner

22 Apr 2006 Jean-Luc Dellis

Very Usefull. Thanks.

13 Apr 2006 Ryan Brate

Simple concept examples, but each on an individual basis for clarity.



03 Feb 2006 marcus green

well good, i learnt GUI with matlab extremly quickly with this

08 Sep 2005 sandhi nugraha

06 Sep 2005 John Cabrera

Just excellent documentation for practical studies

22 Aug 2005 Lev Greenberg

Very useful, thanks

23 Sep 2005

I must acknowledged new file

25 Apr 2016 1.0

Now this is BSD licensed

25 Apr 2016 1.0

Link to the video tutorial

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