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Creates a directory with all sub functions called by higher function.

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What this function is set up for is when you have written a big function, that depends on a bunch of smaller functions, that you have also written. Someone wants to borrow the function, but you don't know all the sub functions required to run it. If you run this, it will create a sub directory in the current directory with the name 'funct_nam_dir', and copy the main function, and all the user written sub functions into the directory. You can then create a zip file or just copy the directory and give to the person the complete directory, and they should be able to run the function without any problems.

You must specify any toolbox names you want included (if any), and the main MATLAB install directory, (edit these within the file) as we don't want to include files included in the main MATLAB distribution. This function also assumes that the user created functions are not in the MATLAB install directory.

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zim zsh

good, better if replace the matDirect with the default var matDirect .

for example:
%matDirect = 'C:\Program Files\MATLAB704'; %% modify by zim.
matDirect = matlabroot;

turuu turuuuu

Amit Shachaf

Do exactly what I needed.
The only thing I would like to fix is that the function doesn't copy figure files that was created with guide.
If you have .fig file you have to copy them manually.
Except of that it is just great.


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MATLAB 7.0.4 (R14SP2)

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