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Toolbox to help developing fractional order controllers and assess their performance.

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See my web-page

for details and for a 96-page PDF format manual.

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I am currently working on a Fractional Order Direct Model Reference Adaptive Control scheme and this toolbox helped me a lot, excellent work!

Sachin Sharma

Is there some Matlab examples (complete code) for understanding the implementation of the tool box.



Kindly help me to resolve my issue regarding installation of noninteger tool box. I just added via setpath and add with sub folders but I couldn't find npid gui and also getting error in command window. Kindly help me.

YongGe Yang


John Mike

very well


Hi, I'm currently using matlab 2013. I try to do example page 72 and 73 and it doesnt work. I fill in exactly in example 72 and 73 in manual did. Is there something wrong with the example? Please help me, i need to use this toolbox for my research. Thank You.


runble (view profile)

Lots of thanks to the author!

how to find and specify bandwidth for 4X4 MIMO system in crone controller

Zhuo Li

Zhuo Li (view profile)

Sebastian J

Do somebody have step/impulse fractional response m-file? I need this m-file because I'm going to do thesis until June 2008.

albert sant


g b

no direct step/impulse fractional response implemented

fadda med lamine

I will do

fadda med lamine


There was a bug in two lines of code of files dealing with H2 and Hinf norms.

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