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3D IMAQ Waterfall

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Acquires images and displays a live histogram and corresponding 3D waterfall plot.



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This great little demo acquires live images from a camera and displays the image, along with a live histogram and a 3D history of the histogram data.
To use the demo, simply unzip the two files and type 'imaqwaterfall' at the MATLAB prompt. By default it will attempt to use a camera via the Windows Video interface. You can also specify the camera interface manually, e.g. type 'imaqwaterfall('dcam')'.

The demo shows just how easy it is to do live video processing in MATLAB, and to put together a deployable application. The GUI part of the demo was greated with GUIDE.

Its great fun to point the camera at different targets and watch the histogram (brightness) response. Its also interesting to use the histogram to watch how certain cameras automatically adjust their exposure.

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Andre Asfar

abbas Kader Abbas


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MATLAB 7.0.4 (R14SP2)

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