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Chaotic Generators Demo

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Chaotic generators demo can be used for studying the behavior of chaotic generators.



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This demo is written in MATLAB and represents the work done for my undergraduate project. The main window is called by typing at the MATLAB prompt start.

From the main window five different tools can be called:

1. 2D attractor
2. time and frequency domain
3. bifurcation diagram
4. histogram
5. bicoherence

From each tool a chaotic generator can be selected and its behavior studied. The chaotic generators are grouped into two classes:

- time discrete
- time continuous

Some tools can be used for both classes of chaotic generators, others can be used only for one class.

Other chaotic generators can be easily added to the existing ones by creating a script file in the directory corresponding to its class: Cont or Discr. In this case no default parameters are available and they must be typed manually in the edit boxes of each tool.

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Awesome! Thank you!

Neeraj Singh

Tengfei lei


Muneeb (view profile)

aslam mohammed

very d it

Partha Sharathi Dutta

It is very helpful to the nonlinear dynamist.

abdo kamal

LIU Jerry

Good demo for reference!



Corrected warnings and errors in MATLAB R2012b, added another continuous time chaotic generator.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)

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