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Draw 3D arrows

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A function to draw 3D-arrows.



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I saw a arrow function by Dr. Erik A. Johnson last night, this function is very useful. But it can only draw 2d arrows, whose heads are patches. So i wrote this functin is used to draw 3D-arrows. the arrows ard made up of cylinders and tapers. The size of arrow head is decided by the minimum distance between start and stop , and you can set the arrow body and arrow head's shape by input arguments. This function will return you the handles of the arrows, so you can set other properties by the handles.

And here provide a very useful [rotatedata] function ,which is modified from rotate function.

If you have any problem, please contact me by email.

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use it right

Xunyang LAI



Pearl (view profile)



JUE (view profile)


sun bowen



Tang (view profile)



Jin (view profile)

There's a bug in the rotation part so if stop point is right above start point, certain quantities become NaN.

Shuqin Zhang


xu min

good !

sun hai

ash rai

Otkrist Gupta

Thanks a lot
This is just what I needed

benni yohannes

thx helps me a lot

benni yohannes

Thy helps me a lot

Johannes Korsawe

Thank you. Good job. Would be nice to have easier possibility to change colors.

Jon W.

Nice, does the job and is easy to use.

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