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num2clip: copy numerical arrays to clipboard

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Copies a numerical array to the clipboard as a tab-separated string ready for pasting.

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A basic extension to the existing MATLAB function clipboard.m. This function allows a numerical array of any size to be copied to the clipboard ready for pasting (to say Word or Excel).

The array is copied as a tab-separated string with carriage-returns separating subsequent rows.

I suspect someone may have created this already but I can't find anything on the exchange. Sorry if I am duplicating code.

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Corinne Jones

This is life-changing.


Stefan (view profile)

Fantastic, but is there a way to increased the accuracy of the copied data?

When I paste very long numbers in, it gets cut down to only 5 sig figs. Whereas the normal clipboard command keeps many more.



Exactly what I needed, thanks!

Craig Cowled

Very nice, thank you. This saves me a lot of time.

Laila h

this is awesome.. thank you :D

Jon Petter Grandal

Working excellent! This saves me a lot of work. Thanks!

Mink H

Nothing wrong, it just works!!
I pasted directly into excel with no problems.
Keep it up!

Gabriele Bulian

I had to change the line:
arraystring = num2str(array');
arraystring = num2str(array,'%100e');
otherwise I had some problems in making excel recognise the data...

Gerd Kunert

The idea is nice.
However, Excel has very strange ways to open files and to import data (depending e.g. on your language).
In other words, the pasted data may be formatted in an "arbitrary" way. In my case, values were simply not correct.

Conclusion: Use xlswrite to export data to Excel. Otherwise fine.

James J. Cai

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.0.4 (R14SP2)

Inspired: clip2cell, MAT2CLIP

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