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Rewrites of urlread and urlwrite

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Rewrites of urlread and urlwrite


Fu-Sung Wang (view profile)


13 Sep 2005 (Updated )

Adding TIMEOUT to both url functions.

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Two days ago, on MATLAB Newsgroup, I found Greggory asking something about "urlread" which is lack of TIMEOUT capability. And such a deficiency often leads to an embarrassing and horriable situation that main function gets freezed easily when the network is busy or abnormal.

At the beginning, I tried to follow the asker by using a timer, but it failed finally. The reason I thought is that timer can not interrupt the
 task being busy at all and yet MATLAB doesn't have a scheme for using multi-threads so far. Fortunately, I discovered another hope that a part of urlread is written in JAVA. So I tried to modify the urlread function by adding a "timeout" parameter, enabling it to automatically stop the request at a time the user specified.


This file inspired Urlread2.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.0.4 (R14SP2)
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Comments and Ratings (3)
11 Nov 2016 Serge

Serge (view profile)

The examples in urlread2 and urlwrite2 refer to urlread (no 2). Even after rename examples don't work because a default value for timeout is not set.

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24 Oct 2007 Dimitri Shvorob

..Following up on Christian's comment, has TMW done so?

30 Aug 2006 Christian Schwarzbauer

A very useful modification of the original Matlab functions urlread.m and urlwrite.m! I hope Matlab will include it in their next release.

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