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Essentials of Computational Physics. Part 1: An introduction to finite-difference methods

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Designed for graduate students in physics and engineering, this package covers a variety of finite-difference techniques that are applied to solving PDEs. The following topics are included: heat transfer, acoustics, gasdynamics, stationary equations and motion of viscous incompressible fluid.

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For additional resources on how MATLAB and Symbolic Math Toolbox can help with Teaching Physics see

Bernardo Aflalo

A very good set of programs to better understand the math and physics of wave, heat and fluid problems.

Hanefa alqasmi

aa aa

Xia Huang

Sounds intresting I will try it

Rasmus Just

When I try to run any example I get an error message stating:

??? Invalid MEX-file 'C:\Test\poisson_2d_td.dll': The specified module could not be found.

And Thats when I place all the files for the example in the same directory as the dll's
What's wrong???

Michael Froehner

The mex-Files (dll) don't work for Windows XP and the Matlab R14 version.

Noorahmat Pudyastomo

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 6.0 (R12)

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