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The NNCTRL toolkit is a set of tools for design and simulation of neural network based control syste



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Neural Network Based Control System Design Toolkit Version 2

The NNCTRL toolkit is a set of tools for design and simulation of control systems based on neural networks. The following designs are available:

o Direct inverse control
o Internal model control
o Control by feedback linearization
o Optimal control
o Control using instantanous linearization (includes approximate pole placement, approximate minimum variance and approximate GPC control)
o Nonlinear Predictive Control
o Nonlinear Feedforward Control

The toolkit is an add-on to the NNSYSID toolbox; a toolbox for nonlinear system identification with neural networks. This version of the NNCTRL toolkit requires MATLAB 5.3 or higher. It is an advantage if Simulink and the Control System Design Toolbox is available (but they are not required). A manual (~35 pages, pdf format) accompanies the toolbox. Additional information can be found on

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Ing amr

thank you for your efforts

Mr Smart

this files very imprtant

Nanang Firman

glanny Mangindaan


Rahul Sharma

R.Beulah Cresel

Nichol Estar


Juan Wei Yang

i agree with that, you need to put comments on codes, cause there are a lot of codes inside the codes..

Ali Kahazaar

it seems to be that it need improvement

Tansel Yucelen

Hard To Understand (Because there are a lot of subcodes), Need Comments

vahid hassai

carlos de la cruz

gongnan Xie

Good for study and extension into real problem. I like it and now study it, since I want to use it to control my problem. Does anybody like to give me suggestion about IMC? thanks

ravi subban


ravi gupta

it is very useful toolbox for neural network

senthil rajan

please send nonlinear internal model control using fuzzy based inverse model

Liujia Hou

Saeed Beyty

puya afshar

essam abd elmawla

xingming zhao


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