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Character Recognition Example (I&II): Pre-processing of Image

  • char1.mCharacter Recognition Example (I):Image Pre-processing
  • char2.mCharacter Recognition Example (II):Automating Image Pre-processing
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Character Recognition Example (I&II): Pre-processing of Image


Tan Chin Luh (view profile)


02 Oct 2005 (Updated )

This demo shows some examples for image pre-processing before the recognition stage.

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File Information

This demo shows some examples for image pre-processing before the recognition stage. the first example is just some commnads of image processing which are commonly used for preprocessing, while the second example shows how to use the simple command to automate the image processing stage especially in generating training dataset for neural network for recognition purpose. More information ca be found at:

(recognition stage will be uploaded in next example)


This file inspired Character Recognition Example (Iii):Training A Simple Nn For Classification.

Required Products Image Processing Toolbox
Neural Network Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.0.4 (R14SP2)
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Comments and Ratings (24)
08 Sep 2016 Duc Hoang

25 Apr 2014 Asif Sharif Chaudhry

20 Oct 2013 mahmoud

how can do for letters

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09 Jun 2013 Jongsung Kim

where i can download this file???

14 Jan 2013 Sana Moussa

please how can i download this file ?

30 Oct 2011 Lahiru K

Thanks a lot...It will helpful.

09 May 2011 Martin

Martin (view profile)

Only using bwlabel. That´s all!

29 Dec 2010 tigist gebeyehu

when ever i type the function edu_imgpreprocess i am getting the error below
''Undefined function or method 'edu_imgpreprocess' ''
can anybody tell me what is happning please

Comment only
27 Jun 2010 sofia nadatul

hye tan chin luh.
i'm doing my final year project about postage stamps recognition..
i'm having problem in how to recognize the stamps because i've scanned the stamps and i didnt know how to uploads the stamps in the matlab..seriously its very tidious and hard project..i really hope u can help me..
thank you

31 Aug 2009 Pattern Recognition Juneja

if I need to recognize regional language
Can u explain me in brief ,how can i do that...??

plz contact me at

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16 May 2008 Marco Guevara

Muchas gracias, buen codigo, sirve de mucho, pero es posible mejorarlo...

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05 May 2008 ali raza


03 Dec 2007 abdullah kuzhan

we ll see

01 Nov 2007 Chuleeporn Kanthong

Thanks you for learning.I lived in Thailand .My name Chuleeporn Kanthong .I study Master degree in KhonKean University.I hope your mail to me.You are my friend. Bye .... Bye .

28 Apr 2007 saleh ali

18 Mar 2007 ravi maski

30 May 2006 kailup Tan

Dear Tom G,
Thanks for your comment. I really dunno how to reply you since you're not leaving any email or contact. this program is written in ML 7, and might gives some error on ML 6.5 and below. refer to comments on I&II and III for more infor on this.

Dear Fabricio Nunes ,
I've replied you question, do check your mail and see whether it helps.... thanks


Comment only
27 May 2006 Fabricio Nunes

??? In an assignment A(:,matrix) = B, the number of elements in the subscript of A and the number
of columns in B must be the same.

Error in ==> D:\fabricioC\fabricio\visao\fonte\simplecharrec(III)\edu_imgpreprocess.m
On line 26 ==> Ic(:,4) = 1:50;

Error in ==> D:\fabricioC\fabricio\visao\fonte\simplecharrec(III)\char3.m
On line 8 ==> img = edu_imgpreprocess(I);

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20 May 2006 Tom G

Does not work!

31 Mar 2006 ravi prasad can help me in doing my final year project.but can u plz give some idea about how to open and alter the "" file in your simplecharrec(III).zip file

Comment only
19 Mar 2006 fdhf hfh

08 Mar 2006 ashok ghildiyal

10 Jan 2006 Darunee Yuangmeay

its help us to lerning for our project in university

03 Jan 2006 lissa anastasia can help me in doing my final year project.but can u give some simple code for the image segmentation and feature extraction for character recognition.tq

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