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Create Non-overlapping (cascading) Figure Windows

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Create Non-overlapping (cascading) Figure Windows


Michael Kleder (view profile)


06 Oct 2005 (Updated )

Creates figures as usual, except puts them in non-overlapping locations.

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File Information

FIGUREC - create a figure window in a non-overlapping (cascading) location



FIGUREC acts just like the MATLAB FIGURE command, with all arguments passed through, except that the new figure is created a little to the right and down from the highest numbered figure currently existing, so that they won't overlap. If moving the location would push the figure too close to the edge of the screen, then the new figure is created in the default location as usual. (Subsequent figures will again be cascaded.) An optional figure handle is returned according to the usual FIGURE calling syntax.


close all
for n=1:20


This file inspired Cascade.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.0.4 (R14SP2)
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22 Feb 2016 YongGyu Han

Try this for strict non-overlapping:

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07 Jan 2015 Eddie

Eddie (view profile)

Just tried it with 2014b and it fails where it tries to find the latest figure object:
f = max(f)
I replaced it with f = f(1) and it seems to work.

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07 Jan 2015 Eddie

Eddie (view profile)

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