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Wavelet Based Image Compression implementation using SOFM

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Generating Adaptive Codebook using SOFM.

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Wavelet Transform is a superior approach to other time frequency analysis tools because its time scale width of the window can be stretched to match the original signal especially in image analysis.By using SOFM technique,we have made an attempt in employing lossy technique i.e., Vector Quantisation to encode the sub bands formed by the application of wavelet Transform.

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hbu  (view profile)

is it use the SOFM in source?

sai ram krishna

i studied all the concept its excellent.....
i hav a very little knowledge on SOFM soo can i know where the concept of SOFM is used and what r the functions of the SOFM used..??

vidhya lakshmi

daha oussama

muthuram n s

Jagan jagan

xiao weihua

there is no SOFM technique in mat file,but the ppt is just good

niraj dhanesha

minon kash

vishal R

yang su

many thanks!


Here I have calculated some Parameters

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