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Copy Requirements Info

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Copies all the requirements info from the source to destination.



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COPY_REQINFO copies all the requirements info from the source to destination

COPY_REQINFO(source,destination) copies all the req info from the source to destination. This is to be used when copying subsystems from one model to another.

For example to copy only the "Airflow calculation" subsystem in
fuelsys_docreq/fuel rate controller/Airflow calculation to
untitled/Airflow calculation
copy_reqinfo(sprintf('fuelsys_docreq/fuel rate\ncontroller/Airflow calculation'),...
'untitled/Airflow calculation');

The code is intended to be robust in that it should handle partially copied subsystems too. For example if the Integrator block is removed from the destination, all the other requirements should still be copied.

Note: The destination block has to be copied separately.

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MATLAB 7.0.4 (R14SP2)

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