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Generate ellipse and landscape plots of Gaussian mixture.

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A reviewer of my EM_GM code suggests that it would be nice to separate the Gaussian mixture (GM) plot function from the code, so that it can be used alone.
The Plot_GM function includes input verifications, 1D and 2D plots of GM. For 2D, it can be controlled to plot ellipses and/or landscapes of GM. It has detail descrptions of the inputs.

Please contact me if you find any bug.

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Phong vO

I use your code in Bayes Classifier.
With my data, the Log Likelihood is NaN and Covariance matrix is singular --> det(Cov) = 0
So I can't process futher.
Please show me how to deal this problem
Thank you

Sameer K

Works great!
I wanted to display the ellipses superimposed on a 2D image, so just modifed the code a bit to pass a figure handle as input parameter. Also, having the color of the ellipse as an optional input parameter will be useful.



Just updating the license.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 6.5 (R13)

Inspired by: EM_GM

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