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Playing with ShockWave Flash movies

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GUI exploiting the Microsoft ActiveX technology to import and read a Shockwave Flash movie.

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A customer of mine experienced some issues in the integration of a Flash movie in MATLAB, so I made a little example of gui containing some basic functionalities, that allow to view the movie from the MATLAB environment.

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pink (view profile)

I tried to compile the gui, there is an error message after running
"serialization of COM object failed 'Shockwave Flash Object' could not be restored to its previous state
make sure files test3_actvex1 is in the same directory as your GUI."

jin xion

I like your work.
I also trying to do something similar but I am having problem hope you can help me out

Richard craig

Patrick Mack

Nice lesson. I'm in to computer simulation. Is there a way to pass values from Matlab 7 Release 14 to Flash MX? I would really appreciate your help. Thanks.

Mihai Rosu

Nice job!
Is there a way to receive data from Flash?

Ian Kirwan

Nice one. Could really do with an example of sending data to flash in an efficient manner. The .setParameter method is not great because you have to convert the data to strings to send it, this adds a significant overhead when you have a lot of calls to make to flash.


Great, just what I wanted to try.


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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.0.4 (R14SP2)

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