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Joystick Adaptor 4 axis & Buttons

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Access to the installed Joysticks from MATLAB.



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The Joystick Adaptor 4 axis & Buttons is an upgrade of Roberto Waissman's Joystick Adaptor for two axis only. It allows access to installed joysticks in MS Windows operating systems based on NT technology (NT, 2000, XP). "DemoJoy.m" is included to test the adaptors capabilities. Upgraded source code to build the adaptor is also included.

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Mr Smart

Probelm with controller id... I can`t find ID. Also on window 7.

Mr Smart


Cyrus (view profile)

File works awesome!

Allister, you dont have the DAQ Toolbox, that's why it won't work for you.


>> daqregister('Joy')

ans =

Register function failed.

Vista issue maybe?

Bill x

Just what I needed!
I'm using two joysticks with two axes each.
Works fine but I did struggle a bit with the joystick setup in windows control panel.

Atilla Kilicarslan

perfect for 3d joysticks with many buttons..

kali ma

good file, didn't require any tweaking to work w/ a nintendo gamepad

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