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h3c: a pedestrian HIST3 bin coloring engine

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H3C colors a HIST3 created surface according to its z-values



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H3C colors HIST3 created data bins according to their z-values

see the accompanying published M-file for an example and look at
> help h3c
for more information on the many options

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suer song

Trent P


this is tedious! for several days now, we tried to upload a new version - but it is NOT published correctly - TMW what is going on; the file name should be h3c28nov05, the version tag should read 28-Nov-2005 09:25:14

apparently problems uploading during the last few days(?); version tag 28-Nov-2005 09:24:54

added another check to make sure that colorbar labels are not too close (in anomalous cases); ver tag 27-Nov-2005 11:44:51

changed colorbar labelling engine to make sure that two labels are not too close (user request); version tag 26-Nov-2005 15:05:33

the colorbar option [-cb] now may have an additional cell arg {'prop','val',...} to define its properties; version tag 26-Nov-2005 11:48:21

removed a misleading type in h3cdemo.m
version tag 21-Nov-2005 17:07:51

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