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Subband adpcm

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These algorithm are based on the G722 standard..



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These algorithm are based on the G722 standard..
You need a fixed-point toolbox to run it..
Read the Readme.m first.

It is what i did in a project of a course

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Jo (view profile)


I ran 10000 samples from the provided sample file through MAIN.m in R2010a. I get two artifacts, at around 5700 and 9200 samples. Also, I think the overall noise in the output is too large. There must be a problem with the code (besides its extraordinary slowness!)--is there something different in the fixed point functions in R2010a from R14SP3?

alireza kazemi


John Hollander

Amazing Work! The code documentation could have been a little better though.

man par

rock roll

Very good !! Hard-working person!!!

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