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Helicopter Control Design

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Simple design for helicopter control system



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Simple Simulink simulation for a helicopter control design. The package includes a paper, matlab file, and a simulink model. Read the paper for detailed description of the simulink model.

The design is based on the book by Gareth D. Padfield:
(Helicopter Flight Dynamics: The Theory and Application of Flying Qualities and Simulation Modeling). AIAA Education Series, 1996.

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good job, thanks!

A.H. Kh.


Deepak Rana

abe download kha se hogi chutio

Andrew Gad

Good job!!

Rakesh patel

Really good work... this file is too much useful for research activity.


Thish (view profile)

I would say this was a very useful document as i am an ameture cotrol designer doing a final year project, I am in quites a mess at the moment and would appreciate some help from you geniuses to undertand my project.I have to improve the handling qualities of a bell 412 heliopcter and I have a state space model. I am concentrating on forward flight roll rate. At the moment i have so many qustions to ask without being judged and so many confusions to solve. Hope to hear from one of yourl

Mustafa Onat

Ezzat Ayyad

Good work.
Just did not use the conventaional Euler angles as the standard 6 DOF in aviation.

Rahul Sharma

sera sera

Some Errors in the .m file need to be fixed according to the document:
Matrix A:
A(2, 3) should be Zq+Ue
A(4, 3) should be cos(PHIe)
A(4, 8) should be -sin(PHIe)

alex gambler

just a simple model.

Dharmesh Shah

Very good work...and I hope to add few more complexity to these one..
If nay one have nonlinear model please let me know

quocnha le

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