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functions to analyze electrodermal and electromuscular activity

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simple tools to evaluate non-specific electrodermal and muscular activity. While simpleEDA/EMG detects phasic changes, tonicEDA/EMG returns the general level of skin conductance or muscular tension. zip-file contains pdf-documentation, which is also available at:

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I believe line 76 of your tonicEMG function should be "EMGrec=abs(EMG); %rectify" rather than "EMG=abs(EMG); %rectify"


Casper (view profile)

Nvm; problem with network.


Casper (view profile)

It's no longer there; Can this be re-uploaded?


liz (view profile)

I am a grad student trying to use this program and I am having a lot of difficulty. My raw data is coming from biopac. If there are any step by step instructions out there (or any other helpful information) please let me know. Thanks!

Diana Glaser

Really nice tool

Elham Azizi

Very useful! Thx!

Meziane Hadj Boumediene


yousif mashidini

I am P.HD student from iraq and i need some helping about this subject

JI Hoon Oh

 It's a great program.
 Exactly what I wanted.
 Thanks !

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