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Add Save to Workspace Block To Signal & Scope Manager

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Add Save to Workspace Block To Signal & Scope Manager



05 Dec 2005 (Updated )

Add Save-to-Workspace Block to Signal and Scope Manager

% Adding Custom Viewers and Generators to the Signal & Scope Manager
% You can add custom signal viewers so that they appear in the Signal & Scope Manager. 
% Taken from the Simulink help files.
%This block is not designed to be ran, but to be read.
% Modified by Jarvis Davis 12/5/05

% The following procedure assumes that you want to add a save-to-workspace block named,save_wksp, to the Signal and 
%Scope Manager Tool.  The procedure below decribes how to create the new
%viewer from scratch.  You can skip to the end(Add Files to Path) if you want to use my included files  

% Open a new Simulink library. For example, open the Simulink browser and select File > New > Library.

%Save the library. For example, save it as new_lib.

In the MATLAB Command Window, set the library type for the library. 
For example, to set the library type of newviewer to viewer,

To set library type for generators, use the type 'SSMgrGenLibrary'. For example,

Set the display name of the library. For example,
set_param('new_lib','SSMgrDisplayString','My Custom Library')

Drag and Drop a Save-to-workspace block into the library.  Name the Block save_wksp
Set the iotype of the viewer. For example,

Save the library new_lib. In the Simulink window, selectFile > Save .

Using the MATLAB editor, create a file named sl_customization.m. In this file, enter a directive to incorporate the new library as a viewer library. For example, to save newlib as a viewer library, add the following lines:
function sl_customization(cm)
%end function

FYI-->To add a library as a generator library, add a line like the following:

Add a corresponding cm.addSigScope line for each viewer or generator library you want to add.

%**************Add Files to Path ************************

Save the sl_customization.m file AND THE FILE new_lib.mdl on your MATLAB path. Edit both of these files to add new viewer or generator libraries.

To see the new custom libraries, restart MATLAB and start the Signal & Scope Manager

You should see the custom Library

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