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Open file dialog box which remembers the last folder opened



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Wrapper for MATLAB's UIGETFILE function which remembers the last folder opened. UIGETFILE2 stores information about the last folder opened in a mat file which it looks for when called.

Tested under MATLAB Version (R14) Service Pack 2.

Comments and Ratings (9)

Charles Park

I took part of the code, is straight-forward and works!!

Exactly what I needed! Changed one character in my code and I was done. Works perfectly so far, will see if that extends to the compiled version of my GUI.


Barsam (view profile)

Really useful, thanks!


Eelko (view profile)

works fine!

B. Andre Weinstock

Exaclty the code I needed on very short notice. Even compiles for use in stand-alone applications.

jon erickson

Great work! Second on the very useful for GUI. Thanks!

Souma Chaudhury

I am extremely happy because this is exactly what I wanted. Thanks!

emiliano boccaletti

very useful for GUI

scor pioh

Simple and easy to use. Sweet function.

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MATLAB 7.0.4 (R14SP2)

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