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Using ETAS® MATLAB® API to control INCA



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This is a small GUI application to show how to ETAS's INCA/MATLAB API can be used and implemented in a GUI. INCA 5.2 was used in the development of this demo. The GUI is functional, but only meant to be an example and not a production ready application. This example has the ability to bring measurements into MATLAB and to control calibration points.
For more on the ETAS INCA/MATLAB API, please contact your local ETAS representative.

For information on a pre-MATLAB 7 compatible version, please contact me.

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Xie Tao

It is very useful

licikui licikui

i need some data about eta inca and matlab

Joe Shearn

Very usefull project. The actual interface between INCA and Matlab can be a bit troublesome but ths example has been a great help.

Alagurajan Karunakaran

I would like to recieve more details on the same topic, cause i am also interested in linking Matlab with Inca


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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.0.4 (R14SP2)

Inspired: INCA Matlab Auto Calibration Wizard

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