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Sobel Edge Detection



07 Dec 2005 (Updated )

Sobel Edge Detection

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This code converts a BW image to an Edge Detected image in C with MEX. This code implements convolution with Sobel kernels to do the edge detection. I put this together for a school project and I couldn't find any good examples of MEX with image processing. One note the code is currently hard coded to handle only UINT8, however it should be trivial to convert that data type. Enjoy.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.1.0 (R14SP3)
Other requirements I built this under Windows with VC 2003 & R2006A, but there is nothing platform or compiler specific about it.
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Comments and Ratings (13)
18 May 2012 Deepak

Hi i need to implement sobel filter on Red plane of image with gaussion noise in 8 directions mask.Can anyone help me with the code in matlab.

30 Jan 2012 Ramachandran M.G.

this is c code. i want matlab code plz

12 Jan 2012 Saleha Samad

this is c code. i want matlab code plz

23 Aug 2011 Vivek Bhadouria

Nice code

20 Oct 2010 Kevin J. Delaney

Very nice--thanks for your contribution!

07 Sep 2008 JAGADISH KOTA  
07 Jan 2008 Alfian Abdul Halin  
07 Sep 2007 Viswanath Reddy Ramireddy

Excellent performance. More useful to students.

01 Jun 2007 stefanos kouramidis

I have to write a study programming with MATLAB and i need informations.

11 May 2006 Anthony Gabrielson

JH, I just uploaded the fixed code. I also cleaned it up a bit to make it more readable.

10 May 2006 J H

Has a typo. Line 117 is
SUM = labs(sumX) + labs(sumX);
It should be
SUM = labs(sumX) + labs(sumY);
Other than that, seems to work fine.

04 Jan 2006 mcs swami  

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