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Draws lines of force of a magnetic dipole field in 2 and 3D.



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This zip-file contains two m-files that plot the lines of force a magnetic dipole filed. The files are useful for educational purposes and as illustrations of the Geocentric Axial Dipole Field of the Earth.
Usage of the functions is simple.
h = lforce2d(NumberOfLines, LineColr);
h = lforce3d(NumberOfLines, LineColr);

Three functions from File-Exchange are used as subfunctions:
(1) fcilrcle.m and plotvec.m both by:
B. Rasmus Anthin
(2) arrow3.m by:
Jeff Chang and Tom Davis.

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Conrad Winkelman

In a dipole field the must be a central axis that extend out to infinities(south-north) and there are weak lines curving from north-south in the field ian the space. I understand that this can not be drawn fully but this image apears to be quite compact as if the field is only present within s donut "space". would it not be more useful to present the filed in a box and show the fieldlines more the way they are?

Can this program be used for calculation of forces between magnets. . .obviously the fieldbuilding needs to take in consideration the shape of the magnets. This is a question I seek a solution for. . .various magnets in an assembly an then calclating the forces at various points. Of course I realise that the pole strenght-distribution for the magnets need to be calculated or defined.

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MATLAB 7.1.0 (R14SP3)

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