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ncx, NetCDF eXplorer


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20 Dec 2005 (Updated )

Interface for NetCDF visualisation

function netcdf_bundle

% netcdf_bundle -- Bundle the NetCDF Toolbox.
%  netcdf_bundle (no argument) bundles the NetCDF Toolbox
%   to produce the installer "nc_install.m".
% Copyright (C) 2001 Dr. Charles R. Denham, ZYDECO.
%  All Rights Reserved.
%   Disclosure without explicit written consent from the
%    copyright owner does not constitute publication.
% Version of 15-Jun-2001 16:56:19.
% Updated    25-Apr-2003 11:58:00.

theClasses = {

for i = 1:length(theClasses)

theDirs = cell(size(theClasses));

theDirs = {
for i = 1:size(theClasses)
	theDirs{end+1} = ['netcdf:@' theClasses{i}];

theTypes = {

theUtilities = {

theSources = {

theMessages = {
	' '
	' ## Adjust the Matlab path to include, relative to Current Directory:'
	' ##    "netcdf"'
	' ##    "netcdf:ncfiles"'
	' ##    "netcdf:nctype"'
	' ##    "netcdf:ncutility"'
	' ## Make sure the Matlab path knows where the'
	' ##    "mexcdf53" Mex-file and (PCWIN only)'
	' ##    "netcdf.dll" are located.'
	' ## Restart Matlab.'
	' ## Execute "rehash toolboxcache", then'
	' ##    "tnetcdf" at the Matlab prompt.'

theClasses = sort(theClasses);
theTypes = sort(theTypes);
theUtilities = sort(theUtilities);
theSources = sort(theSources);


oldPWD = pwd;

bund new netcdf

bund setdir netcdf

bund('class', theClasses)

bund setdir ncutility
bund('mfile', theUtilities)
bund cd ..

bund setdir nctype
bund('mfile', theTypes)
bund cd ..

tempPWD = pwd;
cd ..
cd ncsource
bund setdir ncsource
bund('text', theSources)
bund cd ..

bund setdir ncfiles
bund cd ..

bund cd ..

bund('message', theMessages)

bund close


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