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Gas Consumption

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Model Gas consumption from gas-source to gas-consumer

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The Model starts from gas-sources including a pricing model. Example consumers are factory, power-plant, households and leakage, each also including a pricing model.

Results are:
- gas level in storage,
- consumption of customer,
- price for customer (cumulative)
- and profit for the electric
utility (cumulative)

The model - meant as a start - does not include a control- or optimization strategy jet.
Most people I talked to so far expected a simulation of flow and turbulence, which to my surprise was of no interest here.

For your convenience I saved the model compatible to Simulink 6.0.

Looking forward to comments, suggestions, critics,?

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Sir please can you tell me... from where you took the reference(like any journal paper or any things) for that modal. can you send me link for mail id is

Gerhard Schroeder

Hi, was looking for such simulation for really a long time - helps to maximize profit - but you do not see any.

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MATLAB 7.1.0 (R14SP3)

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