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Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Diagram of Ethane-Benzene at 25°C and 175°C

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Compute VLE Diagrams using SRK EOS

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The programs compute the vapor-liquid diagram of an ethane-benzene mixture at 25°C and 175°C. This binary mixture exhibits a peculiar behavior because the volatilities of ethane and benzene are very different. We use the SRK equation of state to compute equilibrium constants. This problem was presented in Thermodynamique, Application au Génie Chimique et à l'Industrie Pétrolière by Jean Vidal, Technip, 1997.

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Dear Housam

you did an excellent program in matlab, I would like to suggest and ask you to place the units for each parameter, this is very important for those beginners in matlab

kardokh kordy

zor bash

Atique Malik

Good ! Application specific for Chem E's. Keep it going

John D'Errico

What functionality does this provide? How does it extend matlab?

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