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Analog Filter Design Toolbox

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Analog Filter Design Toolbox


James Squire (view profile)


27 Dec 2005 (Updated )

GUI to design and simulate active (opamp) LP and HP Bessel, Butter, Cheby, and Elliptic filters.

function MenuFileOpen
% MenuFileOpen is a subfile of the AnalogFilter GUI collection
% James C. Squire, 2002
% Assistant Professor, Virginia Military Institute
% ver 1.0

% MenuFileOpen returns a strFilterObject

% open up the saved .flt file
global strFilterObject

[sFileName, sPathName] = uigetfile('*.flt','Open ActiveFilter File');
if sFileName
    dummy=load([sPathName sFileName],'strFilterObject','-MAT');
    strFilterObject = dummy.strFilterObject;

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