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An Analog clock that uses the Timer function and callbacks

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This is an analog clock function that I wrote my first week on co-op at the Mathworks. This function uses the timer object to update the clock face ever .1 seconds. This also uses polygons instead of lines to generate the clock hands. The code is pretty straight forward and is a great excersize for any first timer MATLAB users.

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Ravi Jonnal

I don't know how well this works "out of the box", but I hacked a bunch of the code out of the m-files and used it in some retinal image videos and it worked great.

v m

Joseph Kirk

I like this clock. It works well, has plenty of comments, and a nice display.
I would suggest putting it in the FEX->Utilities->Clock section rather than FEX->Gallery though...

Michael Kleder

Very nice.

S Wiggin

Works very nicely!

John D'Errico

With this (correct) release of scottsclock, I must revise my review upwards. Since its an "old" style clock, in deference to those old Timex watch ads, I tested it by running over the clock with a Simulink model of a Sherman tank. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

John D'Errico

Perhaps the best description of this clock is "timeless".

urs (us) schwarz

did you look at what you uploaded? as of now, this submission is completely useless






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MATLAB 7.1.0 (R14SP3)

Inspired: Analog clock

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