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Bessel Function of Complex Order and Argument

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Bessel function of complex order and argument



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As so many people have asked me the C++ code for calculating besel functions of complex order and complex arguemnt, I now submit them to benifit more people ...

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Dwight Swett

I am trying to use this function. It seems there is a file "cgamma.m" that is missing. Can you help?

Dwight Swett

Mark T

Mark T (view profile)

Hi again, I needed to use this function intensively. By shifting the series summation into the mex file, one can gain significant speed-up (for my work, about 50x faster).

Mark T

Mark T (view profile)

Many thanks for this.
Concerning the previous comment, it seems that the tolerance can be adjusted in cbesselj.m ('tol'). Still needs some tweaking to allow one to call the function with independent arrays for nu and x (i.e. both not scalar).

Simen Ellingsen

It's a very good initiative but a precision of two or so digits is not good enough for my purposes, and I would think this goes for many other users too.

chen li

If you compare the result with mathematica which can set the precision digits. This code has very big error. Thanks for sharing though.

Wei Liu

Thank you very much for sharing.

trudy gao

xie xie.

Jay Simon

Hongxue, thank you for sharing this.

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