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Custom 2D Gauss

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Generates a customized 2D gauss

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Create a custom 2D gauss, which can be used for filtering, weighting, etc. All parameters are customizable, including standard deviations (sigmaX, sigmaY), rotation (theta), result size, center, etc.

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Doe (view profile)

The second function should be changed into this:
function val = rotgauss(y, x, theta, sigmax, sigmay, offset, factor, center)
x and y is flipped in the original code


Mirko (view profile)


Morten (view profile)

Nice job Thomas, though it seems like you've switched sigmax and sigmay - comments?

Duane Hanselman: The nested loops are not necessary - use [rows,cols] = meshgrid(1:gsize(1),1:gsize(2)); and modify the remaining code to avoid them...

Andreas Sprenger

Great, very flexible, just what we want to have. THX

benedicte dupuis

Rene Michels

No big deal, Just works!
THX a lot for sharing!

Yi fan


Duane Hanselman

Might be worthwhile, but help text is not helpful. No error checking is done. Are nested For loops required?

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