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Construction of complex geometry using command lines

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complex geometry using command lines

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The first step for solving PDEs in continuous domains is to constrcut the geometry and to mesh it.

These codes show you how to construct complex geometry using MATLAB PDE Toolbox, very useful for solving PDEs by command lines when using finite element method (FEM).

A geometrical matrix, in which each colum defines a geomertical element, a line or a circular arc.

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Jennie W

very useful example for beginners

John D'Errico

This is much better now. The addition of comments has made this much more helpful for the individual learning to use these tools.
There is still a bug however. The definition of gTM uses the variable R. Since R is undefined, I assume it should have been Rc instead.
I encourage the author to fix this bug, and to add additional examples. This type of tool can be very useful for a student.

John D'Errico

This might have been useful to a novice user of these tools as a demo, but to be of value it should have MANY explanatory comments to guide that same novice. A good tutorial doc, with several examples to lead a novice along has much value. For example, rather than just defining arrays xy and xyc, include comments that explain what they are there for and what the basic domain of this FEM will be. Add a simple one line comment that explains each significant line or block of code. Start with a very simple example, then move to a more complex one.
If you do add several clearly explained examples, the use of cell mode (separate those examples with an otherwise blank line beginning with a %% to delineate each example from the others) is recommended. Block comments, delineatd by %{ and %} are also useful.
The presence of errors would normally prompt me to vote for deletion as is. Because I'd like to encourage the author to rewrite this script, I'll give it a N/A rating instead.
With some work, this submission can be converted from a vote for deletion into a superb tutorial for all beginning FEM users.

ah ah

dave martin

Errors show up when trying to run this thing.

urs (us) schwarz

a simple script that
a) does not run because of an error
b) does not yield anything new/useful to the ML community at large

Duane Hanselman

Not a function. Hard coded inputs. No outputs described. No useful documentation. No way to know what it does and why. No value to anyone but the author.


Adding more comments to help readers

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