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decodeOBJ: Analyze Object Maps Reader

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Reads Analyze 6.0 ROI Object Map format (*.OBJ)

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decodeOBJ reads Mayo Clinic Analyze 6.0 ROI Object Map format (*.OBJ) files.

I spent about an hour examining Object Maps in a hex editor until I came up with a way to parse them. Warning, if you're not using Analyze 6.0 on Windows and Matlab R14 SP1 then I have no clue if this will work.

Usage: [objectmap,header] = decodeOBJ(file);

[objectmap,header] = decodeOBJ('C:\foo\bar.obj');

I use Analyze to manually trace ROIs in my data and then I load the Object Maps and do statistical tests on them in matlab.

(C) Copyright Jan 11, 2006, David Johnson <monorail at>

Rights to "rude: a pedestrian run-length decoder-encoder" remain the property of their respective owner(s).

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Soren Christensen

Works well!

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MATLAB 7 (R14)

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