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Returns the names of all m-files in a directory or directory tree that contain a search string.



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Long ago, I found that I quite liked Brett Shoelson's function mfilegrep, but back then it had a bug in it. I found the bug and fixed it, so then I decided to update the interface. I really wanted a command form version for my own use.

The guts of mgrep are still all very much thanks to Brett though (but with many changes.) Compared to the current version of mfilegrep, mgrep is a little faster, perhaps a 25% improvement in speed for long searches.

The interface to mgrep is a property/value pair interface. Its all fully functional as a command or as a function call. Note that property names can be shortened to a single character, and can be provided in any order.

Directories may be specified in either an absolute form, with the complete path, or as a relative path starting from some directory.

Some example uses:

Recursive search for the string 'fmin', starting in the current directory, returning the result as a cell array. Any of these 3 alternatives will work, due to the use of defaults for every parameter but the search string.

filelist = mgrep('fmin');
filelist = mgrep('fmin','.');
filelist = mgrep('fmin',pwd,'recurse','on');

Simple search of the directory './mylocaldir' for the string 'fmin', display the result in the command window. Do not search subdirectories.

mgrep fmin ./mylocaldir recurse off

Case sensitive search for the name "John D'Errico", through all subdirectories beginning with the current directory. Display the results in the command window.

mgrep 'John D''Errico' . c on r on

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Han Oostdijk

Han Oostdijk

Indeed, this works good. However the name suggest it works with grep / regexp. And this is not the case: findstr is used.

After replacing the findstr line with a regexp variant the function did exactly what I wanted.

Thanks John!

Kevin Shaw

Awesome! It works as advertised.
It allowed me to search through a deep .m file hierarchy and find a dreadfully annoying error message string in an unknown file (added by a colleague) and to remove it. Yeah!

John D'Errico

Intriguingly, this comment by "blacke jonhston" was made by someone who apparently had not actually downloaded this software. It appears to be someone I've upset.

John D'Errico

Sadly, the use of textread here gave only a 5% speedup

urs (us) schwarz

these days one might consider replacing the slow engine
for i=1:numel(lines)
just a thought


Bug fixed

Includes a new release of parse_pv_pairs, plus some mlint recommendations were followed.

Profile showed where a 90% speed gain can be achieved over the first release of mgrep.

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MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1)
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