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Sound Level Meter

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Implements real-time spectrum analyzer and displays decibel level.

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This tutorial/demo presents the design of a sound level meter in Matlab. The Data Acquisition Toolbox is used to implement a real-time spectrum analyzer. The decibel meter is implemented in the frequency domain using Parseval's relation.

Documentation is provided in the included PDF.

Further information is available at:

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Lance Lot

i don't understand this part.

% Apply A-weighting filter.
A = filterA(f);
X = A'.*X;

% Estimate dBA value using Parseval's relation.
totalEnergy = sum(X.^2)/length(X);
meanEnergy = totalEnergy/((1/Fs)*length(x));
dBA = 10*log10(meanEnergy)+C;

% Estimate decibel level (for visualization).
X = 20*log10(X);

what is type of X? an array or a number?


micpro (view profile)

When I import another wav file, I did not get dBA result. Can anyone help me please?

Julien Weber


anuj (view profile)

i am unable to run the file. I am getting errors like not enough input arguments


ngan (view profile)


Chi (view profile)

how to run the file ?



when i run the SLM following errors come plz someone help me to remove them i am new to matlab
??? Invalid handle object.

Error in ==> updateDisplay at 23

Error in TimerFcn: '@updateDisplay'.
Invalid handle object.>>

umut arioz

Those codes were helped me in my works. But I want to use them in simulink. But of course, some functions dont work with embeddeb functions in simulink. for example "find". did you do before to carry this program to simulink or Can you offer me some way instead of using "find" ? thanks


Brian (view profile)

Cheers, great help as tutorial on real-time data aqusuisition

sameer ahamed

It is a nice model of Sound Level Meter. My observation is: In the code, A-weighting is performed in frequency domain (i.e. multiplication in frequency domain). I feel like, if the A-weighting is in time domain (filtering, of input signal which is sampled at variable sampling frequency), the computation of fft can be saved.

nguyen quy

I want to see the source coding

Shufang Dong

Generally ok, but with miscellaneous errors need to be correct such as the A-weighting filter should be applied to pressure square rather than pressure, and the last formula of RMS of filtered pressure should not be divided by delta t.

smekfm gtlo

i am to try this software

Steven Kolak

MATLAB supports audio acquisition using the Data Acquisition Toolbox.

View the MATLAB sound resource page for additional demos, downloadable code examples, and user stories:

kesho hassan

it is goog

radwa magdy

Piyorot Khongchuay


Rupesh Sancheti

the information given about the products using matlab is excellent

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MATLAB 7.1.0 (R14SP3)

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