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DPX file reader

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A DPX file parser .



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DPX is a high dynamic range file format used for digital motion picture stills and synthetic imagery. The readdpx function extracts image metadata and returns image pixels for each frame.

The DPX format contains numerous bit-depth, pixel layout, and colorspace combinations. This function currently only supports uncompressed 8-bit per sample grayscale and RGB packed images.

This function shows how to use MATLAB's TYPECAST and SWAPBYTE functions to parse files, which is the subject of a January 2006 MATLAB Digest article: <link TBD>.

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Matlab 2015b now has a native DPX file reader (but no writer), so use that if you have access.

I tried this code at the below link, which claims to read and write DPX files greater than 8 bit. My 10bit DPX files were not read correctly (in Photoshop CS6 they display fine), and I did not try export.



Thanks a lot!
Can anyone send me the code which can read 10 bit or 12 bit?

I'm also looking for the version with support of 10 bit RGB. Can anyone e-mail it to me or advise me on where it can be downloaded.
E-mail me at

Xiaojuan Gu

It is useful for me.


JUNWOO (view profile)

Thank you.
I want a code which can read 10 bit or 12 bit.
please send me a code at


JUNWOO (view profile)

Thank you.
I want a code which can read 10 bit or 12 bit.
please send me a code at

Tam Chu

Would anyone tell me how to extend this code to handle 10 and 12 bit images? Thank you.

Hello, I would also like to have a copy of the extended version of this script. If you would be so kind as to leave a link on here so that it is available, that would be fantastic.

Kind regards,

Ram prasad

Thank you. very useful file for me.
dear 'Amilcar do Carmo Lucas' please tell me how to download your version of the file (ie 10 bit support). or please send me a copy at
Thank you very much

Do Quoc Bao

Very useful !!
But I want a code which can read RGB 10 bit dpx :(

josef Barcuch

Hi, I havent found .m file with extension fot 10bit dpx, can it be downloaded somewhere ?

sanbong lee

packed dpx

sanbong lee


mohamed shalapy


Glen Alexander

great work hashing through the SMPTE docs. :)

Amilcar do Carmo Lucas

OK, now I extended the support to 8,10,12,14 and 16 bits per component in both RGB and grayscale, and both big-endian and little endian :)

Amilcar do Carmo Lucas

This is nice but does not provide support for 10 bit per color sample RGB images.

So I added support for it. I've e-mailed the author about it, but so far I got no reply.

If someone wants the code, just drop me a line.



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MATLAB 7.1.0 (R14SP3)

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