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Jerome Briot (view profile)


20 Jan 2006 (Updated )

Modification of the Matlab UISTACK function

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UISTACK2 solves a problem reported in the MATLAB newsgroup comp.soft-sys.matlab about UISTACK behavior. This problem faced in R12.1 version, still occur in R14SP3.

See "[UISTACK] Problem with patch and line objects." in the newsgroup.

Exemple :

    plot([1 5],[2 7]);
    p=patch([2 4 4 2],[3 3 4 4],'r');
    % the red patch SHOULD be placed under the blue line
    title('UISTACK behavior')

    plot([1 5],[2 7]);
    p=patch([2 4 4 2],[3 3 4 4],'r');
    % the red patch IS placed under the blue line
    title('UISTACK2 behavior')

UISTACK2 is basically based on the original UISTACK function (by Loren Dean from TMW). Its use differs by the add of an "undo" feature.

Type "help uistack2" at the command prompt for more informations


Please test this contribution, and send feedbacks about the Matlab version you use. Send e-mail directly to the author (don't use the "User Review" section).

MATLAB release MATLAB 6.1 (R12.1)
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21 Feb 2006

Ver 1.1 : bug fixed when "up/down" arguments are used with multiple handles H.

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