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formatted matrix display

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prints to the screen a nice easy to read print out of the input matrix that can be copied and pasted into other applications (e.g. Excel).

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Jud (view profile)

just what i was looking for, thanks.

B. Roossien

This function is quite slow for large matrices, because the command window starts to scroll horizontally for every line.

A suggestion: make it possible to store the output directly into a text file. This makes it much faster and saves the "copy-paste" procedure if you want to use it into another program

James J. Cai

Brian Katz

Very handy. Saves a lot of fprintf hassles to get into XLS etc. Though, it would be nice if it could handle more input types (cell text arrays and what not). Well done.

Anthony Tonzy

Fantastic, and i find it very useful particularly in my field of research. Thanks and keep up the great work~!!!

Brian Mearns

Good. I was a little confused at first, as I couldn't see the difference. Silly me, I should have taken your advice and pasted into Excel! Alas! There's the difference.
Very nice.

Fahad Al Mahmood

Very simple but useful function ... ! :)

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