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Intensity Duration Frequency Curves

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A plot which shows the different curves of Intensity - Duration - Frequency of rain events.

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With this routine you can get a plot which shows you the different curves of intensity - duration - frequency of rain events, using the Gumbel distribution. The curves represent a frequency of occurence or a return period that it's expressed in terms of years. This routine can use it for all the people who begin to study hidrology.

You only need to run the routine.

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hi everyone! I am having this problem:
??? Error using ==> uicontrol
Width and height must be > 0.

Error in ==> idtplot at 55

any suggestions?

Dieudonn? faka

??? Error using ==> figure
Width and height must be > 0.

Error in ==> idtplot at 53
f1i = figure('Menubar' , 'none' , 'Numbertitle' , 'off' , 'Name' , 'IDF curves' , 'Tag' , 'wp' , ...

Gabriel Ruiz

I've been running the routine in the versions R13 and R14 of Matlab, and I have not found any bug.

urs (us) schwarz

there's an unexpected problem with IDTPLOT: running (win2k.sp4/r14.sp3)
> mlint idtplot
crashes with a severe seg violation, and running it again, yields a
??? ***** Fatal error: bad entry for outer scope *****
Error in ==> mlint at 142
mlintMsg = mlintmex(cellOfFilenames{:},'-all',options{:});

this has been forwarded to the web mistress

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MATLAB 6.5 (R13)

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