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This gui draws a mandelbrot figure. # iteration, complexity, color can be change.

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This guide can draw a mandelbrot figure. In default values it calculates Z=Z^2+C for 20 iterations, where Z initally equal to zero and C has the values of every pixel created by meshgrid function(built-in).

although mandelbrot equation is Z=Z^2+C you can change the degree of the equation between 1 - 50.
higher number in iteration, points in axes gives better results in image besides more resulting time.

to zoom an area of the figure you must aproximately choose the point and then change the center values to this point values then push 'Show Graph' button. because of this is the first version there can be any lack of usage.

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The function implemented is incorrect.

The correct equation is:

Z0=-2 is a Mandelbrot number, Wiki.

The ability to zoom below 0.1 is desireable. This is where the interesting structures occur.

John D'Errico

It does work in my tests, though the sliders were screwy, not at all as shown in the image. That might be OS or version related. I'm not sure what purpose this tool serves, except as a demo of a mandelbrot set. In the context of student interest, this fails my definition of good documentation by a long shot. It essentially contains no documentation. The only help it has is in the website description. The author should have included this in the function help. The uicontrols completely lack tooltipstrings - they would have been nice to provide, rather than having the user guess what they do given the lack of other help. Pretty picture though. While some might argue that I should vote for deletion, I'll just say it needs serious improvement in its help and documentation. Raising my rating would take only a few lines of help that explain what the user is looking at and what the controls mean.

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