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Optimal Distribution Substations Placement using Genetic Algorithm

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Finds the optimal location and capacity of distribution substations

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This program uses an Excel data file "DATA.xls" as an input to the program. the input file consists these worksheets: 1.input load data (active power of each load block and their X-Y cooedinates 2. present transformers and their capacities in kVA 3. candidate points for new transformers 4. transformers Loading Factor and design Power Factor 4. types of transformers usable in the netwok.

this program searches for the best allignment and configuration for distribution substations. the optimization includes install cost, transformers loss, typical low-voltage losses, and under-voltage happening constraints.

output of the program is an Excel file "RESULT.xls" that includes all selected and designed transformers capacities, X-Y cordinates and each Load-Transformer connection. (more details can be available if favorite)

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Masood (view profile)

saeed h

linda blakaj

Itan Hunt


ola (view profile)

thanx a bunch , I'm still trying to understand the code .
if there is a guide to it please provide it .


Mena (view profile)

Great Program


thank however i can not run it


Hello, a few days ago I download the DSP program, I'm still checking to
understand the code, but I do not see that there is a manual or
For now the question I have is in the "SP_main.m" in line 68, which means
400 that are within the "if"?, ie in: "if CurrentTrPow (1, count1)> = ceil
((400 * PowerFactor UtilizationFactor *)) " ?
Thank you.

Ping Zeng



Lasan (view profile)

Hi, I am realy interresting of this. How can I contact you to get more details, please ?

tomas riojas


Hao Su


mhojaeohsen s

hi. thanx for program

safrizal Rizal

I am interest your maker program


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