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TCH/FS GSM channel simulation

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Coding, interleaving, codification and modulation for GSM channel

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For the simulation of a GSM transmission channel it was decided to use an information channel TCH (Traffic Channel) with high speed (Full Speed).
This type of channel allows a rate of 13 Kbps. In order to create the model of TCH channel for GSM the specifications of group 3GPP were followed which are listed in [ 3GPPd ] -[3GPPg ], which they comprise of the European standard of GSM.

[3GPPd] 3GPP TS 05.03 ETSI TS 100 909 version 8.9.0 "Channel
coding" Release 1999

[3GPPe] 3GPP TS 5.04: "Modulation".

[3GPPf] 3GPP TS 5.02: "Multiplexing and multiple access on
the radio path".

[3GPPg] 3GPP TS 05.05 version 8.20.0 "Radio Transmition and
reception" Release 1999

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Is this based on any standards?

Ali Syed

ashna nory

ashna nory

yin li

this is a good model for the beginer,thank you !

osamaali abdulla

why it doesn't work with me can any one help me please

Vladimir Chechelnitsky

pravin kumaraguru


homa h


marwa ezzat

Elegechev Andrey

Roopa Shivappa

I got the same error that Oleg Kurak, then, in the S-Function Builder in 'entrelazado' and in 'rafaga', y pressed the 'build' button, and Matlab crashed. Then I opened the model again, and whe a tried to run it, I got an error message saying that the function 'diferencia' could not be found.

Has anyone been able to make this model work?

Oleg Kurak

This model doesn't work: Error in S-function 'encodingnuevo4/Entrelazado 3GPP TS 05.03 version 8.9.0 ': S-Function 'entrelazado1' does not exist.
Dear Juan Antonio ARIZAGA, could you share this S-Function?


Dll's not included befor

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7 (R14)

Inspired: GMSK transmission, GSM Traffic Channel Simulator

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